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Soon, it will be my 23rd birthday. Hurray! After celebrating or rather choosing not to celebrate at all, I finally made the decision to do something this year. AND I AM EXCITED! Maybe I am highly affected or influenced by blogs and tumblr quotes but it is pretty much true to say or finally understand that my precious youth will never return. And I better do something about it before I regret more. Straighten out my thoughts. Initially, I thought of doing a cozy gathering. Nevertheless, it ended up inviting 15 peeps. Not sure what was I thinking when I blunt out “I am having a gathering” to my uni friends. Oh well… Hope it turns out well :) cause I can’t wait!!

On another side, I still have all sort of nonsense emotion about being alone and missing or rather under the influence of lonely feeling. I think alot about that particular person which I know I have to tell myself repeatedly about how we will never be together or come across my life anymore just like how many guys did. Read about next year Zodiac predictions, it don’t seem good. You see I find this year rather weird and I can’t imagine what worst will happen next year. I guess I need to embrace what is going to happen right? Like how I am forced to understand the fact that people come and goes in your life and my love life is a joke. Or rather, my entire life for at least 23 years for now. Maybe I will be laughing at this post in upcoming years but I am scare and I do.

I really really hope I can get over whatever makes me really sad especially knowing the fact it won’t get any better. Work tomorrow. Same whole routine one more time. Let’s go!

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I’m fine, just still upset


Almost 2 years since I last dated someone decent. The previous one was “I rather not mention”. I get pretty upset sometimes,in fact most of the time. How I wish there is a pill that has this magical effect that allow people to forget about the upset feelings. I am bad at getting over things. How long will it takes? Not sure when I will stop expressing how I still miss him so much. By myself. Yes, I have pretty much get used to not mention about who am I dated. At times, I find myself stupid to dwell over someone that might be romantically involved with someone that is not you. Yes, I am heartbroken. I have slowly started to believe that I am fine alone. Making plans on my own and plans on how to live alone.

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"I was prepared, but it still hurt."
Hiro Fujiwara (via fluffynips)

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