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I’m fine, just still upset


Almost 2 years since I last dated someone decent. The previous one was “I rather not mention”. I get pretty upset sometimes,in fact most of the time. How I wish there is a pill that has this magical effect that allow people to forget about the upset feelings. I am bad at getting over things. How long will it takes? Not sure when I will stop expressing how I still miss him so much. By myself. Yes, I have pretty much get used to not mention about who am I dated. At times, I find myself stupid to dwell over someone that might be romantically involved with someone that is not you. Yes, I am heartbroken. I have slowly started to believe that I am fine alone. Making plans on my own and plans on how to live alone.

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"I was prepared, but it still hurt."
Hiro Fujiwara (via fluffynips)

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2013 - 2014

Oh hi,

It’s been almost a year. Or maybe more. I am home early after some financial course which i had never thought i will take up. 2013 ended up better than expected. I have finally graduated. Gradually becoming lazy with certain things. Truly understands about what’s about people move on and some things are not meant to be. But at times, you will still think about it. In fact, i think about it everyday. Thinking about all possibilities like i am searching for miracles. haha sound corny as it seems. Sometimes i wish i bump into that someone i have been thinking alot about. Train, town, bus, gym. Had thoughts and imaginary scenario about how we meet. Am I still not over about it? Is been really quite somewhile. I party lesser and kinda found what i am looking in life. Probably a home by the age of 35 regardless being with someone or not. Slowly getting the hanging up alone with myself. I am less upset but still upset that things are not meant to be. I think i cried too much about it. I

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